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Wild Dogs Control

In regards to dog control you have several options that can be completed by Central Coast Deer and Vermin Control.

1080 Baiting

Although poisoning programs can be carried out year-round, baiting is most effective when alternative food is scarce.


  • 100% of dogs that take baits will be exterminated and will typically die within burrows
  • Cameras can be used to identify animals present at bait station


  • Signage required, during and for 4 weeks after completion of baiting program
  • A small % of domestic animals could be affected.
Wild Dog Control :: Central Coast Deer and Vermin Control

Leg Hold Trapping

Leg hold traps can be used within areas that are too small to bait with 1080.


  • No poison used
  • No warning signs or notification required
  • Humane padded jaw traps used


  • Non targeted species can be caught


Caging may be useful for the control of nuisance animals but is not effective as a general dog control method.

Wild Dog Control :: Central Coast Deer and Vermin ControlCage traps are used to capture problem dogs where it is undesirable to use 1080 or leg-hold traps. Animals trapped in a cage can be transported away from the area for euthanasia. From an animal welfare perspective, cage traps are preferred over leg-hold traps as fewer injuries are sustained and non-target animals can be released unharmed.


  • Most humane way of control


  • Time consuming


Rifle is equipped with silencer and Digital Night Vision with recorder.

Wild Dog Control :: Central Coast Deer and Vermin ControlBenefits:

  • Silenced and Night vision equipped rifle with video recorder


  • Dogs need to be sighted

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Central Coast Deer and Vermin Control has Pest Controllers Combined Liability of $20,000,000, and is licensed to shoot in council, crown, rural and non-rural (residential, golf courses, commercial, tourism, school and recreation) areas and certified/licensed to net, bait, trap, fumigate and concussion.

Department of Primary Industries NSW Game Hunting Licence(Professional) P17048

Office of Environment & Heritage NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service Authorised Magpie and Butcher bird humane removals MWL000101928.

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