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Deer Enemy02-Aug-2019

ABC Landline highlights our deer research management solutions Thanks t..

2019 Tocal Field Days03-May-2019

Total Field Days 2019 ..

Invaders take toll on threatened species28-Feb-2019

According to new research from the Threatened Species Recovery Hub, Australia's 10 worst invader..

Feral rabbit reduction program roll out on the Central Coast12-Feb-2019

Regional Rabbit Control Program In NSW, competition and herbivory by the European rabbit is list..

USA shot show 201923-Jan-2019


2018 Central Coast RHDV1-K5 rabbit release07-Oct-2018

October sees Central Coast Deer and Vermin Control releasing RHDV1-K5 throughout the Central Coa..

Indian Myna cage traps have arrived07-Oct-2018

Yes after several years of research and trialing Myna cage traps Central Coast Deer and Vermin C..

Tocal Field Days04-May-2018

Lawrence from Central Coast Deer and Vermin control attends the Tocal Field Days..

Night Vision/ day vision03-Feb-2018

Extravision (

Feral Cats now classified as pest species in Victoria21-Jan-2018

Just before the Christmas break, the Victorian State Government committed to change the law so that ..

2018 Central Coast Deer and Vermin Control 1080 areas12-Jan-2018

2018 fox areas controlled with 1080 fox baits on the Central Coast by Central Coast Deer and Ver..

Eastern quolls will soon be reintroduced to Australian mainland after being wiped out by foxes03-Dec-2017

VIDEO: Eastern quolls to be reintroduced to Australian mainland (Lateline) The eastern quoll..

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