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In regards to goat control you have several options that can be completed by Central Coast Deer and Vermin Control.

Trapping by netting

Trapping by net gun and then removal. Can be completed but can be time consuming.


Shooting is the most efficient and effective method of removing goats.

Feral goats now occur across 28 per cent of Australia. In Australia, feral goats have been estimated to cause losses to livestock farming of $25 million per year, not including their impact on the environment or pasture degradation. Feral goats also negatively affect conservation values and biological diversity by damaging the vegetation and competing with native animals(

They can be found in all states and territories and on some offshore islands, but are most common inFeral goats rocky or hilly semi-arid areas of western New South Wales. There are at least 2.6 million feral goats in Australia(Managing Vertebrate Pests: Feral Goats. Australian Government Publishing Service, Canberra).

Central Coast Deer and Vermin Control has Pest Controllers Combined Liability of $20,000,000, and is licensed to shoot in council, crown, rural and non-rural (residential, golf courses, commercial, tourism, school and recreation) areas and certified/licensed to net, bait, trap, fumigate and concussion.

Department of Primary Industries NSW Game Hunting Licence(Professional) P17048

Office of Environment & Heritage NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service Authorised Magpie and Butcher bird humane removals MWL000101928.

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