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What can one person do to stop the extinction of Australian animals

The following quote is from Bob Irwin’s book The Last Crocodile Hunter. (“But Bob I’m only one person. I can't do anything.” Well let me start off by saying that those people are wrong. Because it is up to every individual to do their little bit too. We cant blame the government for everything thats happened because every single person is responsible, in some way, for the health of our planet.

When i was a kid some species of animals were regarded as common, garden variety. Those animals are now considered threatened or endangered. This is happening before our eyes, in our lifetime. Europeans have only been on this continent for around two hundred years. We've done all this damage in the blink of an eye. Most Australians don't know that we've got the worst mammalian extinction rate in the world. we've lost over thirty species since Europeans arrived. Its not just the famous Tasmanian tiger, we've lost many more vitally important species. Even as i write this, more than seventeen hundred species of fauna and flora are listed by the Australian government as ‘at risk’, which means theres a chance they’ll go extinct unless we do something about it. The time to act for conservation is now

So when people ask,’what can one person do, Bob?, my answer  is that one person can do a hell of a lot. Bob Irwin and Amanda French 2016).


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