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Is 1080 native to Australia.

Yes. Fluoroacetate, the active ingredient of 1080, occurs naturally in several toxic plants in Australia, South Africa, and South America. At least 40 such species occur in Australia, with most confined to the south-west of Western Australia. All of these species are legumes but most are from the genus Gastrolobium, with one Acacia, and two species of Nemcia. Some of the Gastrolobiums can produce considerable amounts of 1080 (e.g. G. bilobum, G. parviflorum; >2500 mg per kg dry weight of leaves). Fluoroacetate also occurs at very low concentrations in tea leaves, and guar gum, a common constituent of a variety of foodstuffs. 

One source of 1080 is Prickly Poison (Gastrolobium spinosum) is native to Western Australia

1080 is water-soluble and is readily broken down by naturally occurring bacteria and fungi. It therefore does not cause a build-up of toxic residues in soil, water or plants, nor does it bioaccumulate in organisms(The State of Queensland, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, 2014).


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